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Tirunelveli Information

     Tirunelveli is a municipal corporation, it is sixth largest city in tamilnadu (after Chennai,madhurai,Coimbatore,trichy & salem) in southern india. It is the headquarters of Tirunelveli district. This city is considered as an ancient Indian subcontinent the history that dates leads to 1000 B.C. the city is situated on the west bank of thamirabarani river.

    In 1560 the town was remodeled by vishwanatha the founder of nayak dynasty who also built many temples in it. Tirunelveli was earliest pandiya’s 16th and 17th century the nayak rule from Tirunelveli to Madurai and in 18th century also.

      Pandiyas kingdom was more important next to Madurai and he served Tirunelveli for some time (if the boundary of the town is made with stone like a war gate it will not be natural beauty nor keeping the surrounding fenced with rice field ) said by a tamil poet tiru-nel-veli.

          As such the town was called as “Nelveli”  i.e., Paddy Hedge.since the temple in town dedicated to Lord Siva thus the city is said to be Thiru-nel-veli. The Tirunelveli city has another name “Halwa city”, because the city is very famous for wheat based halwa.


          From Tirunelveli 40km, same as kancheepuram it is also a temple town. Because lot of temples located here too. Kasi vishvanathar temple, Thirumula nathaswamy temple, veerama thandeswarar temple, ammaiappan temple, krishnaswamy temple, purushotama Perumal temple and Lakshmi Narayana Perumal temple are situated here.

Manjolai- Hill Station

        Manjolai is just 57Km far away from Tirunelveli and it is an elevation of 1162 sq. meter. Many tea plantations are there in and around that place. Bombay Burma is one of the popular tea estates in this place. In these tea plantations more then 4000 people are employed.


          From Tirunelveli 30 Km to travel to this place. Nanguneri is surrounded by fertile green lush, large water tanks and many acres of fertile land. The western part is symbolized like a cycle of mountain which is known as Western Ghats. The people of the town they live a simple life. Their routine work is to take bath in the water tank, visiting Sri Vanamamalai Temple and worshiping the devote of the deity, getting blessings of jeeyar and partaking prasadam offered from the temple. Nanguneri is situated on the north of Eruvadi. Ph: 04637-250119.

Sankaran Kovil

         From Tirunelveli 56 Km. Sankaran kovil is called as Sankaranainarkoil is connected to the town and other parts of the districts are with good bus facilities. In this temple the Lingam is personification of earth. Temple was built by ukkirapandiyan who ruled this are at the early days of the 11th century A.D. His routine was take a ride to Madurai on elephants back to worship Lord Somasundarar and Meenakshi. One particular day his elephant dug a hole with its trunk, fell and rolled over the earth and refused to move further. King’s watchman Manikreevan rushed to king and informed him about Siva Lingam and a Cobra coiling on it in a punnai forest. To witness that present king reached the spot and that time pandiya King was ordered to built a temple and worship with utmost devotion which the king’s words. Ukkirapandiyan established a temple and worshiped with goddess. Nagasunai, the most holy one is dug by two large snakes King Sankan and Padman. Among the people their was a belief that if they sprinkle this water as a holy water all the diseases gets cured. Similarly the ant hill of the earth is also has a power of great medicinal value and it helps in curing skin diseases. Ph: 04636-222265


         Sengottai is a city town of Tamilnadu, India, in the foothills of the Western Ghats. It is situated 5 Km apart from Kutrallam Waterfalls, near Kerala border. The river flows through the village are Harihara and Kuntaaru. The financial savings of agriculture in nature and other people are employed in cultivating the paddy field, groundnut, ginger, coconut. Terra cotta and pottery industry, cane furniture are important financial savings activities. Large numbers of Saw mills are presents in Senkottai piranoor. During the month of December through January (Tamil month Marghazhi), people of senkottai sing Bhajan everyday and put special rangoli is drawn outside. Some of the tourist place in senkottai are: Kundaru Dam and Mottai Dam just 3 Km, Paalaru Falls 15 Km, Manalar and Kumbaratty Falls in Kerala just 13 Km, Famous Randakka Song in the film Anniyan Shot at Amman Sannathi Street, Senkottai.

Thirunelveli Weather Today

Day 35°C
Tonight 25°C
Day: Partly Cloudy Night: Mostly Clear

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Tirunelveli Information

Tirunelveli Area 6,180
Tirunelveli Population

27,23,988 (Census 2001)

Thirunelveli Rainfall

777.7 mm (Annual)

Thirunelveli Climate Max 37.1 °C Min 22 °C
Tirunelveli STD code  0462

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