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Tirunelveli Temples

Courtallanathar Temple

      It is located near the mainfalls of Courtallam. This temple is offered for Lord Shiva, which is filled with lot of inspirational ethics of Chola and Pandya Kings.


          From Tirunelveli it is just 13Km, Krishnapuram temple is offered for Lord Vishnu. The primus of the creator is Thiruvenkatanathar. Many life oriented sculptures with many sizes are scriptured in this temple with complicated workmanship.

Kurukuthurai Murugan Temple

          Lord Murugan temple is located at middle part of Tamiraparani river which is at the centre of beautifully carved with rocks which is known as Thiruvuruvamalai. In 1653, the same rocks are used for carving the Lord Murugan temple at Tiruchendur.

Nambi Malai

          A small temple close by hills is offered to Lord Nambi so it is known as Malai Nambi with a cycloramic view from the village below. This hill is named as Nambi Malai (Nambi Hill).

Nellayappar Gandhimathi Temple

         This temple is located in the centre of the town with the distance of 2Km from the Railway Station. This twin temple is exclusively allocated to Goddess Parvathi and Lord Shiva. Unseen jewels, the Golden Lily Tank, Musical Pillars, the hall of a 1000 Pillars are gift for our eyes. The great gopuram (towers) can be viewed even far distance from the temple. Both the gopurams were built under the rules of the agamasastras by Rama pandyan. Nindrasir Nedumaran, who pre-dominated in the 7th century CE, contributed to built and remodel the important parts of the temple. A gorgeous garden were established in 1756 CE, next to that chain mandapam, welcomes visitors with eyes full of colours and a great odour of flowers. This garden was planned and established by Thiruvengadakrishna Mudaliar. A square vasantha mandapam with hundred pillars is placed centre of the garden. The Nellaiappar Temple Is bigger than Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple, though it is famous for his historical account on importance. The sacred place of holy temple has a pose of Lord Vishnu lying as seen in famous Srirangam Temple; this is known as “Nellai Govindar”. Why there is a Vishnu Goddess inside a Shiva temple is still an obscurity. Ph: 0462-2339910.

Mela Thiruvenkatanathapuram Temple

          This temple is sacred temple of Lord Srinivasa goddess. The templeis situated 7 to 10 Km south west of Tirunelveli in the place of Perennial River of Thamirabarani. This temple is also known as Tirunankovil.


          From Tirunelveli it is 42 Km. This deity is on the western Ghats of Pothigai Hills. Before great saint Agasthiya Siva and Parvathi appeared in this papanasam falls the bank of Thamirabarani River. Hence the falls is proudly called as “Agasthiyar falls” because of the voyage. To keep as memorial it was built there so that people can visit the divine couple the Agasthiar Temple.  Papanasam Dam is just 7 Km from papanasam. It is a gorgeous outing spot to relax.

Salaikumaran Temple

The Lord Muruga temple is a popular temple and it is a heart of Tirunelveli junction. In 1965 this temple received a silver trophy for its maintenance. Many Hindu marriages are held in this temple only.

Sri Varadharaja Perumal Temple

This temple is at Tirunelveli junction. This temple is an olden day temple and then name came for Lord Vishnu temple. It lies in the place of Perennial River of Thamirabarani. This are is also known as Veerarahavapuram.

Tenkasi-Kasi Vishwanathar Temple

         From Tirunelveli 53 Km and 5 Km from Tenkasi. The name of this place implies the town ‘Kasi (Varanasi) of the south’. The temple is 554 feet in length and 318 feet in width. In 1456 by Parakirama Pandian built the temple tower of 172 feet. Then the temple tower was damaged in 1924 due to thunder and it was remodeled by Sivanthi Adithan with height of 163 feet. Ph: 04633-222373.


          From Tirunelveli 40 Km. Athalanathar Temple and Narumpoonathar Temple on the bank of river Thamirabarani River which is a magnificent tourist because of his beauty scenery. The sculptures in the temple with stones are very interesting. There are four styles of temple of architecture namely Pandiya, chera, Chola and Vijayanagara Gives more beauty for the Glorious Temple.


         Below Mahendragiri hills on the western Ghats and on the banks of the river Nambiyaru adopts the large and prosperous village of Tirukkurungudi. In the Varaha Purana the Lord said that this village is holy village. Thus this place gets a name of Kurungudi the smaller abode of Narayana.

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